Captured by:
ugo woatzi
captured by: Angela Dennis


 Dance art film

Choreographed by Llewellyn Mnguni



Resilience tells the true and complicated story of Mnguni as a South African born and raised man who dealt with the Setswana cultural dealings in a fast growing modern country, fresh out of the brutal era of apartheid. Being gay and an artist created obstacles due to the influences of society whereby the identity of man is consistently under siege, misrepresented and always under scrutiny. Inevitably the stories of the LGBTIQA+ in settings such as this, are not shared neither are they celebrated in the hopes of triumph and understanding from our communities.

This work provokes the audience in their understanding of the black body, that is almost a shape shifter and adapter in various settings of the world, the work also allows the body to see it itself in its most beautiful form and presence. The body that has worked, the tough body yet still nimble and sensitive to its experiences and future dreams.

The story of an African black queer from Mafikeng. Dealing with the complexities of culture, religion and homophobia. The crippling pressures of 'masculinity' in the dance world as well as society has brought me to a perpetual place of interrogation, reflection, acceptance and sharing my story that is parallel to many others.

Resilience is a solo work that has grown into a duet as well and continues to flourish into a multi faceted body of work, maintaining a chameleon like structure that moves from a gallery into a site specific space as well as a formal theatre setting.

                          CAST AND CREW:

Choreographer: Llewellyn Mnguni

Dancers: Kyle Rossouw and Llewellyn Mnguni

Original music by: Ngcobo Umlilo

Make up and Art direction: Ndivhuwo Makaulele

Costumes by: Keenan du Plessis and Helen Brink

Videographer: Nzolo Ezee Bidla


Ticket price: R100 (One hundred South African rands)

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